Jurassic Survival




Try to survive in the Jurassic world


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Jurassic Survival is a third person MMORPG in a world dominated by dinosaurs, where a small group of humans struggles to survive. At first your only objective is just that: survive. As you advance through the world in which only the strongest survive, you can take on more ambitious goals.

Although it's played online and you can interact with other players (including PvP combat), most of the time you see dinosaurs rather than people. You're almost always surrounded by pure nature. Thankfully not all of the dinosaurs are carnivorous... although the vast majority will try to attack you.

One of the most important tasks in Jurassic Survival is the collection of resources for the construction of all kinds of gadgets. You can collect bamboo, stone, vines, minerals, meat, vegetables, and so on from your surroundings. These materials can then be used to construct everything from a workbench to a garden. There are also more modern elements, like USB memory sticks, protective jackets, helmets, and even firearms.

In the starting zone you build your house. You are completely free to build it however big or small you want, with windows and doors wherever you place them. Let loose your imagination and create an incredibly elaborate refuge.

Jurassic Survival is an excellent MMORPG, with hundreds of areas and objects, an extensive and fun crafting system, and spectacular graphics. It's an outstanding title that will remind you of Last Days on Earth, except with dinosaurs instead of zombies.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher